To ‘beta’ or not to ‘beta’? Good question!

If you haven’t already, at some point you’ll be faced with the question: Is your bank willing to be a beta site for a new technology product? It’s tempting. You get a “sneak peek” of a new product and the chance to offer feedback. But being a beta site can be disruptive depending on the level of involvement, frequency of feedback requested, and risks to your existing process. [Continue]

Bare minimum UI/UX won’t cut it

Think of the most recent app you downloaded on your phone. When you opened the app for the first time, what was the experience? Could you easily figure out how to navigate and use the app or did you struggle? Now think about your bank’s online and mobile banking experiences, from account setup to reviewing transactions. Are they effortless? Or do users encounter friction? [Continue]

The allure of convenience

In my neighborhood, trucks and vans from UPS, FedEx, Amazon, the United States Postal Service, and various grocers rumble past my door with increasing frequency. My husband and I had originally selected our townhouse community because it was set apart from highly-trafficked roads. It was secluded and quiet. These days, I feel like my home has been plopped into the middle of Richard Scarry’s “Busytown.”   [Continue]

Lending calculators designed to attract mortgage customers

Chimney is a fintech that develops website tools — calculators, mainly — to engage potential loan customers. CEO Matthew Covi speaks about online lending and using calculators to attract customers. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, differentiating your online experience from the starting line can be crucial. [Continue]

Choosing a resource to manage your online presence

A social media presence can be many things, but haphazard isn’t one of them. We’ve all seen the blogs that feature posts from three years ago or the Facebook page that has an update once a month. One of the many challenges of social efforts is the number of channels to manage. [Continue]

Say goodbye to tedious data entry

A major leap for community banks has been receiving the documents electronically. Dual monitors allow a speedy credit analyst to have the tax return open on one screen, the spreading system on the other, and enter a tax return within minutes — saving the “look down, look up” movements of transferring data from paper to computer. But a step further is not to manually enter a tax return at all. [Continue]

When will the personal check finally die?

​​It’s happened to us all. You’re waiting in a long, slow line at the supermarket. You’re finally next. You start to envision the outside world again, sensing you will soon be on your way. Then it happens: The person in front of you takes out … gulp … a checkbook.

Is it time to explore Banking-as-a-Service?

Your bank probably uses at least one — if not many — SaaS products. Software-as-a-Service providers have exploded over the past several years and come in every variety imaginable, from e-signature platforms to many core accounting providers. The vendor assumes the responsibility of hosting the product in these subscription-based, web-based models. What about Banking-as-a-Service? [Continue]

Technology, talent and Banking-as-a-Service

Brian Love, head of banking and fintech at Travillian, invited financial institution legal advisor Stan Orszula, partner at the law firm of Barack Ferrazzano, to comment on how banks can adopt tech strategies and better attract talent. Orszula also shared his thoughts on what’s trending in banking. [Continue]

Digital transformation invites security challenges

Cybersecurity fintech Sequretek was recently named one of the ICBA’s 2022 ThinkTECH partners. Co-founder and CEO Anand Naik weighs in on today’s ever-evolving digital threats and latest developments, from balancing security with remote access for employees working remotely to the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning. [Continue]