The latest in data analytics

When it comes to data, two things are certain. One is the old adage of “garbage in, garbage out” — if the data quality isn’t there, it’s useless. And the second is that you can have all the data in the world, but all of your efforts are wasted if you don’t do anything with the information. [Continue]

Increased risks from technology, fourth-party vendors

Most third-party vendors present little risk to the bank. It might be the vendor that mows the lawn at the branches or provides office supplies. It’s only the vendors that have access to or manage bank data that reach a higher risk threshold and thereby a higher level of vendor management and due diligence. [Continue]

Digital mortgage lending is now a competitive necessity

When it comes to adopting digital solutions, mortgage lending in particular seems to be playing catch-up compared to other industries. Some lenders have asked me if there is still a need for full-scale digitalization, now that the record levels of origination and forbearance activities of the past several years have somewhat dissipated.  [Continue]