Learning to balance AI usage with human instinct

Reading about big banks chomping at the bit to deploy AI in every space to save a few bucks is an opportunity for community banks to double down on their most resilient attribute: Actually caring about the well-being of their customers and communities. [Continue]

Tech lessons from a financial crisis

It might be easy to say, “That was a big bank, and we’re community banks. We’re different.” And while that’s true, there are certainly some aspects of the SVB failure that apply to banking across the board. [Continue]

Digital transformation needs a CX advocate

Your bank may have a digital transformation plan and budget, but does anyone “own” the digital experience across your entire bank? Think about it. Your retail team might select a digital account opening solution. Your lending department chooses a platform for online applications. But each department is going to make a decision based on their … Read more

Do you know who’s reading your emails?

Security experts have been telling bankers for years that the weakest link in their cybersecurity defense is their own people. I have to agree, mostly because this has happened to me before.  [Continue]

Building a better data analysis process

Banks need to be acutely in-tune not only with the state of the economy, but with the particular challenges their customers may face in a downturn. Already, millions of Americans are struggling to afford basic housing costs. [Continue]