More bankers embrace crypto as industry continues growth

Banks should only explore entering the crypto market after properly understanding the industry’s risks and undertaking necessary due diligence, according to a presentation from Wipfli LLP Principal Marcie Bomberg-Montoya and NYDIG Relationships Manager Tammy Bangs during the Spring Seminar of the Bank Holding Company Association.  [Continue]

Economist: Limited recession likely

Economist Elliot Eisenberg said the United States will likely enter a recession. He expects the downturn to last less than a year, however, and not be as severe as the Great Recession. [Continue]

Leadership beyond the bottom line

Andy Anderson of the Bank of Anguilla, is concluding a stint as chair of the Mississippi Bankers Association, as the trade group meets for its annual convention May 11-15 in Destin, Fla. In addition to being president, CEO and CFO of the bank, Anderson is known for his big heart. Recently, Anderson challenged bankers to reach out to someone in their community who needs a friend. [Continue]

Where have all the de novos gone?

Between the year 2000 and 2008, the FDIC approved 1,042 new bank charters, leading those in the industry to dub that near-decade the “go go” years. Observers of the industry would just as soon forget what happened then. One consequence of the Great Recession is the rapid net decline in total banks, exacerbated by anemic de novo activity. [Continue]

Community-wide effort preserves Missouri bank

After working at the Citizens Bank of Rogersville, Mo., for 14 years, Brian VanFosson learned the bank was for sale and spearheaded a community-based campaign to buy the bank. That was late 2012 and since then VanFosson has led the bank, preserving jobs and maintaining profitability and, perhaps most importantly, sustaining a pillar of the Southern Missouri town of 3,900 people. [Continue]