Tech lessons from a financial crisis

It might be easy to say, “That was a big bank, and we’re community banks. We’re different.” And while that’s true, there are certainly some aspects of the SVB failure that apply to banking across the board. [Continue]

Welcome to the ‘phygital’ world

Hybrid has become a key buzzword in the post-pandemic world as banks along with other businesses grapple with the right blend of in-office and remote work. Combine that with talent shortages, and meeting the needs of customers and employees has proved challenging. [Continue]

Striking the right balance in ticklers

I’ve seen my fair share of ticklers throughout my career. And when I say fair share, I mean tens of thousands. I worked for a company that had a tickler solution as part of a larger loan management system and helped community banks make the switch from their old system to the new system. [Continue]

Understanding deposit pricing stats

In times of volatility, it is critical to know how to interpret aggregated cost of funds data and correctly understand the pricing marketplace today. You may be familiar with Mark Twain’s opinion of statistics — “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies and statistics.” [Continue]

Is your core a cost center or a catalyst for growth?

In their efforts to win and maintain market share, many community bankers have recognized the need to invest in innovation. The problem is innovation efforts are often focused on front-end technologies, such as websites or mobile apps. Meanwhile, the back-end technologies, including legacy core banking systems, are left in place.  [Continue]

Tackling the evolving security landscape of 2023

Security challenges for financial institutions are evolving quickly and continually. Increases in cyberattacks, online fraud and ATM thefts are top of mind for the security teams responsible for protecting people and assets. [Continue]

Create a holistic customer view with a CRM

Customer relationship management: It’s a process that has always been a “nice to have” instead of a “must have” for bankers. But with ever-increasing demands from customers for personalized experiences, fragmented systems won’t cut it. [Continue]