Faces of Compliance & Risk Management: Shield Compliance

The cannabis industry is desperately seeking bankers to work with them.
Noah Carey, founder and CEO, and Tony Repanich, president and COO, Shield Compliance.

Trust the partner who knows your business

Having spent much of my career leading retail operations at a community bank, I know financial institutions don’t want to be the first to take on something new. Fortunately, they don’t need to write the cannabis banking playbook from scratch. The team at Shield Compliance has deep expertise in banking and the cannabis industry and has worked with numerous banks across the United States. This knowledge is reflected in our product.

Safe cannabis banking is about taking solid risk management plans and well-trained staff and enabling them to improve compliance outcomes. Our platform operationalizes critical risk-management processes and automates required data collection to bank this industry safely. This allows banks to operate more efficiently so they can tap into new sources of non-interest income and low-cost deposits, gain a first-mover advantage on new client relationships, and scale their programs to meet the growing demand for their services.

Compliance and risk-management are sensitive topics, so my banking industry experience has been invaluable. During conversations with bank executives considering serving the cannabis industry, I lean on my experiences with regulatory examinations, risk management practices, and profitability analysis to understand and address their concerns. At Shield, I’m also part of a team that understands technology, regulatory processes and bank operations — and of course, the cannabis industry itself. This has allowed us to design a product that meets the banking industry’s needs and serve as trusted partners for bankers entering this space. – Tony Repanich

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