Faces of Core Innovation: DCI

Our culture instills the teamwork and pride to create better solutions for — and with — our customers.
From left: Janet Seiler, Application Development Manager; Daren Fankhauser, Sr. Vice President, Chief Development Officer and Chief Architect; Stephanie Schafer, Application Development Officer; Scott Steinert, Analytics Officer

Better ideas and inspiration through collaboration, focus, and family

The DCI culture shared between its people and customers is often compared to a ‘family.’ This also extends to its approach in innovation, emphasizing
collaboration, listening, and learning, with the customer always at the forefront.

This means DCI never becomes complacent about customers because customers are always involved. From the board room and user groups to quarterly feedback visits with each client, DCI brings customers into the process with a passion to create a meaningful difference for all.

As a leading core provider, DCI takes its duty to keep up with technological change very seriously. DCI challenges its engineers to continually watch, listen, think outside the box and adapt quickly — but never at the expense of losing focus on their customers’ interests.

For example, DCI has kept its focus on only one core, iCore360®, and one digital banking suite, iCoreGOTM, both built on the latest cloud technologies with open APIs, open data and scalable for any bank. And all built with customer input.

This assures that there’s no playing favorites in the DCI family. All clients have a voice in the ideas, inspirations and innovations that create the same highly-adaptable, stable, and scalable solutions they all can rely on.

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