Faces of Core Principles: DCI

Never compromise on principles like fairness, honesty and integrity.
From left: Greg Horning, VP, Customer Relationships; Arlene Fairbanks, Customer Support Officer; Paul Jones, VP, Customer and Professional Services, and Concha Duarte, VP, Backroom Services.

Strong core principles underpin the strongest core relationships

Every interaction and decision in a relationship is influenced by the principles people follow. At DCI, strong principles have always been at the core of the company’s culture, instinctively inspiring every employee to make a positive difference every day. Here are a few examples:

  • Fairness. “Trust is vital in any relationship,” says Greg Horning. “And trust requires honesty and fairness, which are revealed in big things like contract details and little things like how you routinely listen, respond—and take responsibility—every day. People need to know you care, and actions always speak louder than words.”
  • Openness. “We view our relationships with bankers like a partnership,” says Paul Jones. “That requires working closely together with frequent, open, transparent communication. You can’t have a partnership without open communication.”
  • Integrity. “Our culture has kept me here for 41 years,” says Concha Duarte. “We listen to our bankers, but more important, we act on what they tell us and we do what we say we’ll do. We are in this together for the long haul, so it’s important to just always do the right thing each day.”
  • Reliability. “Most of us are former bankers so we can relate to everyday situations,” says Arlene Fairbanks. “But we also know the importance of listening to our customers. From 24/7 live support to quarterly onsite visits, we believe a hands-on approach fosters strong partnerships.”

The people at DCI are ready to show you what their Core Principles look like in action every day.

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