Faces of Cybersecurity: Adlumin

[su_quote]Community banking is built on customer trust.[/su_quote]

Mark Sangster, Vice President and Chief of Strategy

Revolutionizing the way banks achieve their compliance objectives

The industrialization of cybercrime operates like big business, pouring profits into research and development and establishing an ecosystem of leading-edge technology. Community banks face security risks from multiple fronts, including sophisticated cyber threats, emerging technology that can expose customer data, and expanding compliance requirements.

Mark Sangster, Vice President and Chief of Strategy at Adlumin, has spent 25 years in IT security. His career has included time with industry giants such as Cisco, Intel, and BlackBerry. As an industry expert on issues such as international cybercrime and data branches, he understands the security challenges that banks face and thinks strategically about how banks can mitigate these risks.

Adlumin knows that community banking is built on customer trust. Cyberattacks can irreparably damage a bank’s reputation and continued business with its customer base. As a trusted security partner, Adlumin protects billions in assets among its bank clients, is a consultant to regional banking associations, and works closely with law enforcement to keep up-to-date on the latest threats.

The Adlumin platform protects banks 24/7; if a threat is detected, it is investigated in real-time and contained before it disrupts the business. From managed vulnerability services to risk assessments to live compliance reporting, Adlumin is the command center for cybersecurity operations.

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