Sound Community joins gender equity effort

Seattle’s Sound Community Bank announced a partnership with 100% Talent, an employer-led gender equity initiative of Women’s Funding Alliance.

As a signatory of the 100% Talent initiative, Sound Community joins Women’s Funding Alliance in taking a proactive approach to addressing gender equity challenges in Washington.

“Tapping into 100 percent of our region’s talent is absolutely necessary for our long-term success,” said Laurie Steward, president and CEO of the $714 million Sound Community. “We are committed to doing our part to close the wage gap and are excited to explore how we can tailor 100% Talent’s best practices to our business and culture.”

100% Talent is a regional initiative for Washington aimed at closing its gender wage gap. Through the use of online resources and in-person workshops, member companies have committed to do their part to close the wage gap by exploring and implementing best practice actions shown to reduce the wage gap.

Sound Community is dedicated to attracting the best people from the entirety of the region’s talent pool and supporting them in their professional growth, the bank said. “We are proud to join the growing number of organizations in 100% Talent who will continue to make the region more prosperous and competitive,” it said in a statement.

Liz Vivian, president and CEO of Women’s Funding Alliance said, “Sound Community Bank sets a great example for other employers in Washington to follow. We look forward to working with each of our signatory partners to lead effective solutions for women and families in our region.”

Sound Community Bank pledges to join other signatories in tracking progress through use of online resources and tools, in-person learning events, tracking its own internal data and providing semi-annual qualitative feedback.  For more information about 100% Talent, visit