Regional Meetings

Economy strengthening but rates likely to remain low next three years, Evans says

Although the economy is likely to improve in 2021, inflationary pressures are expected to be minimal which means interest rates are not expected to rise anytime soon. That is how Charles Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago since 2007, summarized the economic outlook in an event jointly held by the Indiana Bankers Association and the Wisconsin Bankers Association. [Continue]

Regulators expect trouble to make landfall for banks, eventually

The conditions at banks are strong right now, reports James LaPierre, regional director of the FDIC’s Kansas City office. But 2021 will likely bring the industry some troubles, he predicted. Preparing a bank for the fallout of this pandemic is “like preparing for a hurricane,” LaPierre said. Bankers are doing a lot of “watchful waiting.” … Read more

Coronavirus, land values and trade cause concern at ag symposium

Low prices, labor and weather top the list of challenges facing the ag industry in southern Minnesota, according to a poll of attendees at South Central College’s annual ag forum. Regarding the overall economy, about 20 percent said the biggest challenge was government while another 20 percent said politics. [Continue]

Economy firm, but ag issues merit concern, speakers agree

The sputtering economy has everyone “searching for yield,” commented Creighton University Economist Ernest Goss, who addressed bankers in Des Moines, Iowa on Nov. 14. Goss and other speakers at the half-day seminar hosted by the Eide Bailly accounting firm, shared concerns about the economy and banking sector conditions, but generally offered upbeat industry assessments. [Continue]

TCF’s Dahl: Banks need ‘something great’ to stay independent

Banks need to hone a distinctive, high-quality product or characteristic that sets them apart in order to stay independent, according to Craig Dahl, president and CEO of TCF Financial Corporation. Addressing attendees at the Bank Holding Company Association’s fall seminar, Dahl identified four areas to focus on: products, diversification, technology and cyber. [Continue]

Bair: “Kids just don’t know” about student debt

Former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair, a JFK Profiles in Courage Award winner and twice recognized by Forbes magazine as the “second most powerful woman in the world,” called on the U.S. Department of Education to do more to help college students understand the cost of borrowing. [Continue]

DCI conference speaker emphasizes service

Keynote speaker Jack Mackey opened the 2019 DCI annual bankers conference on Sept. 16 with stories from a British bank and a fast food restaurant that provided insights into great customer relationships. [Continue]

Bank owners encouraged to establish tech partnerships

As the incumbent provider of financial services, banks are well positioned to keep customers despite behavioral preferences which trend digital. This is true even for community banks that have struggled to afford digital solutions. The community banking model is, after all, built on relationships first. [Continue]

De novos: Refiguring the cost of entry

The economy has a lot of influence on the de novo market, which might be picking up, albeit tepidly. James LaPierre, FDIC Kansas City Regional Director, shared at a seminar hosted by the Eide Bailly accounting firm that as of Nov. 1, that the FDIC has approved nine applications for FDIC insurance so far this year and the agency currently is considering 12 pending applications. [Continue]