Regional Meetings

New SIFI threshold boosting M&A?

Merger and acquisition activity in the banking industry continues to touch about 5 percent of the nation’s banks. Roughly, the industry loses a bank every business day. As some new investor groups come forward, an acquisition doesn’t always mean the loss of a charter, but usually it does.

S. 2155, the reg relief bill passed in May, is likely to mean an increase in the number of potential buyers. Karen Grandstrand of the Fredrikson & Byron law firm in Minneapolis noted at the Bank Holding Company Association Fall Seminar in early October that the new law changes the meaning of “Systemically Important Financial Institution,” a designation created by the Dodd-Frank Act. [Continue]

Hiring challenges perplex community bankers 

The old adage that credit quality is king is as true as ever. And while fewer banks these days are failing (three failed in the United States in 2017) and fewer turn up on regulators’ lists of troubled banks, there has been a slight uptick in the issuance of MOUs and board resolutions. That’s according to David Kemp, president of Atlanta-based Bankers Management Inc.  [Continue]

Card skimming, cloning on the rise and hurting banks

One day before Mike Burke, a robbery and crisis management consultant with Shazam, spoke to bankers in Des Moines about card skimming and card cloning, two men with handguns robbed the Maxwell State Bank, in nearby Ames. No customers were in the bank at the time of the robbery and no one was injured. By the time Burke launched into his presentation about financial crimes, the men still hadn’t been apprehended. And while card skimming and card cloning aren’t as trauma inducing as staring down the barrel of a gun, they are crimes on the rise in the Midwest, and they have the potential to become a huge problem for financial institutions. [Continue]