What bankers can learn from the masters of the art world

The making and selling of art may not be the world’s oldest profession, but it has been a commercial endeavor for thousands of years. Western artists have been independent business people for about 500 years. What can today’s entrepreneurs in banking and other businesses learn from two of the world’s greatest artists – Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci? Both were internationally successful artists during the Italian Renaissance, each had very different ways of conducting the business of art, and each leave us with relevant business lessons. [Continue]

Straight Talk: Davis’ words of wisdom

Davis’ words of wisdom U.S. Bancorp has had a good run under the leadership of Richard Davis, 58, who will step down as CEO on April 18, handing the reins to Andy Cecere. Davis, who will remain executive chairman, was named CEO of the company in December 2006 and chairman a year later. Having listened … Read more

A community bank director’s role: Lessons learned

In the past two years we’ve experienced the sale of four community banks where we served as directors and investors. Our experience as community bank investors, executives and directors was enriched as each bank engaged in the process.

So what did we learn?

First, strategic shareholder value updates should be on every holding company board’s agenda. The board is directly responsible for preserving, protecting and defending the shareholders’ interest in your bank’s capital account. Most directors are not focused on banking on a daily basis; we need to be reminded regularly of community banking trends and valuations. [Continue]