Seven podcasts explore fintech

As fintech opportunities evolve, staying on top of the latest trends, offerings and regulations requires keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry – or perhaps an ear tuned to the right podcast. Numerous podcasts today focus on technology’s inroads in banking and finance, including these five:

Breaking Banks
A live weekly global fintech-focused podcast that reports six million unique listeners from 177 countries, Breaking Banks talks about “How Regulators are Shaping the Future of Banking” and “Is Banking Finally Ready for AI?”

For Fintech’s Sake
Zach Anderson Pettet from nbkc bank’s accelerator Fountain City Fintech converses with founders and investors. The half-dozen interviews since the podcast started in March include Jimmy Chen, CEO of Propel, and Jo Ann Barefoot from Barefoot Innovation Group.
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The Finance Frontier
Exploring “the changing face of banking,” The Finance Frontier focuses on bankers’ and finance professionals’ response to technology, the digital revolution and related customer demands. Topics include “Good Intentions, Bad Security – Finding Footing in Fintech” and “Global Growth, Local Impact: Fintech and Financial Inclusion.”

Wharton FinTech Podcast
Started by students who were enrolled at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton FinTech Podcast features fintech, banking and finance experts, as well as students, discussing trends in financial services.

Barefoot Innovation Podcast
A part of Barefoot Innovation Group, which focuses on technology and regulation, this podcast features conversations on finance, technology, cryptocurrency, women in fintech and even community banking.

Produced by an advisory firm that serves banks and professional services businesses in the U.S., United Kingdom and Europe, Rebank’s eponymous podcast covers financial topics such as “The Continued Evolution of Banking” and “How Fintech is Making Banking 10x Better.”

Appetite for Disruption: The Business and Regulation of FinTech
Featuring former SEC commissioner Troy Paredes, who now runs Paredes Strategies LLC, and Lee Schneider, a legal expert on blockchain and cryptocurrency who co-founded Genesis Block, this podcast focuses on a variety of fintech topics from regulation to trends.
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And four more fintech-focused podcasts...

…from our earlier list, “10 Podcasts to Try”:

This podcast features banking and fintech experts talking about technology and other innovation, including Independent Community Bankers of America’s ThinkTech Accelerator Program. It’s produced by the accounting and advisory firm Porter Keadle Moore.

Fintech Insider
Meant for “for financial services movers, shakers and curious minds,” according to its description, the podcast is produced by 11:FS, a digital financial services consulting firm. Recent topics have included banking in the age of fintech.

Fintech Focus
Produced by financial technology and regulatory compliance provider CSI, this podcast focuses on fintech while talking with banking and other financial services experts. Episodes include “The Fine Art of Customer Acquisition” and “Starting a Bank from Scratch.”

Bank on It
Featuring interviews with fintech leaders who have what are described as “remarkable stories,” the podcast is presented by the Carpenter Group, a marketing firm that works with financial services, technology and professional services clients.