Faces of Cybersecurity: Adlumin

Revolutionizing the way banks achieve their compliance objectives The industrialization of cybercrime operates like big business, pouring profits into research and development and establishing an ecosystem of leading-edge technology. Community banks face security risks from multiple fronts, including sophisticated cyber threats, emerging technology that can expose customer data, and expanding compliance requirements. Mark Sangster, Vice … Read more

Faces of a True Partner: SHAZAM

Kim Barsness, senior vice president, customer operations at SHAZAM, has worked in the financial services industry her entire career. Throughout her 16 years at SHAZAM, she’s had the privilege of helping clients through onboarding, project implementation, fraud mitigation and dispute management, as well as core and EFT processing support. Through these opportunities, she’s learned to … Read more

Faces of Loan Analysis: Country Banker

For those banks with a substantial agriculture portfolio, experiencing the plateau after the Super Cycle was a “wake-up” call. Bankers can become complacent when the economy is strong, but difficult times require a sharper focus on more in-depth analysis. Regulators are increasingly emphasizing uniform and consistent analysis, and bank management teams are taking note. Customer … Read more

Faces of Bank Value: United Bankers’ Bank

New loan growth continues to be a challenge as most banks are extremely liquid with excess deposits. Net interest margin compression is at the top of everyone’s mind so finding alternative ways to grow profitability in a low interest rate environment is a challenge all bankers are facing. United Bankers’ Bank provides loan participations as … Read more

Faces of Talent Management: Wipfli

COVID-19 was the game changer. Many bank employees were able to work from home, and some of these employees prefer to continue this practice, a significant shift from traditional business operations. Varying surveys indicate 50 percent or more of employees would consider changing employers if they could no longer work remotely. Community banks, now more … Read more

Faces Of Core Technology: DCI

– Pauline Lopez-Lutz, Texas Technology is the cardiovascular system of today’s community bank, and data its lifeblood. It’s a good thing these DCI engineers are at the ‘heart’ of it all. As a leading core provider, DCI and its IT engineers recognize their enormous responsibility to keep that system healthy, and they take it personally. … Read more

Faces of Core Innovation: DCI

Better ideas and inspiration through collaboration, focus, and family The DCI culture shared between its people and customers is often compared to a ‘family.’ This also extends to its approach in innovation, emphasizing collaboration, listening, and learning, with the customer always at the forefront. This means DCI never becomes complacent about customers because customers are … Read more

Faces of Security and Compliance Automation: Adlumin

Revolutionizing the way banks achieve their compliance objectives Over the last several years, financial institutions have faced immense pressure from a variety of different forces like increasing regulatory and compliance mandates and complex issues in the cyber domain. Small IT security teams are burdened with managing the security and compliance strategy without the time and … Read more

Faces of Core Principles: DCI

Strong core principles underpin the strongest core relationships Every interaction and decision in a relationship is influenced by the principles people follow. At DCI, strong principles have always been at the core of the company’s culture, instinctively inspiring every employee to make a positive difference every day. Here are a few examples: Fairness. “Trust is … Read more

Faces of Compliance & Risk Management: Shield Compliance

Collaboration ensures success with cannabis banking Cannabis banking programs succeed when financial institutions have a solid understanding of how marijuana-related businesses operate. Shield Compliance is enabling that understanding for bankers, and that starts with customer-focused collaboration. Jenna Meyer and Cari Conklin drive that process. According to Meyer, cannabis compliance is similar to portfolio management in … Read more